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Clients who we do our
best work for:

Our ideal clients are business owners, medical professionals and executives who are serious about looking after their financial affairs. We are interested in working with people who take a real interest in their finances, understand the value of professional advice, are open to new ideas and willing to take some time to formulate and implement a plan to assist them in achieving their lifestyle and financial goals.

New grads/business start-ups
New Practice/Business owners
Existing Practice/Business owners
Retiring Practice/Business owners

How we work:

We assist you in achieving your financial independence through our On Track™ process that covers both your Business and your Personal Financial situation. Each client will have their own personalized On Track™ program. The process is designed to help you make smart decisions around your money and create a financial independence for you and your family:

On Track™ Process

Step 1: Terms of Engagement





The On Track Binder™

At the completion of the On Track Process™ you will receive a complete On Track Binder™ that will include all of your financial information consolidated and presented in one binder. This will allow you to very easily have all of your financial information at your finger-tips for any of your financial needs.

List of Products and Services


  • Investment Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement (Income) Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • RESP’s
  • Life insurance
  • Living Benefits (Disability, Critical Illness, Long-term care) insurance


  • Corporate Investment management
  • IPP’s/RCA’s
  • Group insurance/benefits
  • Buy sell agreement funding
  • Key man insurance
  • Health and Welfare Trusts
  • Succession/Transition Planning
  • Estate Freezes